Rattling Arguments for the Dutch Supreme Court

Hüseyin Baybasin: “In the long term, an independent Kurdistan would serve as a partner to stabilize the region, it would set an example of successful democracy”

Hüseyin Baybaşin, a Kurdish activist from Turkey, resumed by the Public Prosecutor in captivity, has evolved to one of the fiercest opponents of Turkish President Erdogan.

He initially conceived of the viability of an ‘independent Kurdish region’ – now Baybaşin is convinced that only an ‘independent Kurdish state’ can provide a workable solution to the problems faced by the Kurdish people. Each discussion with other Kurdish leaders with whom he is in close contact, pursues that idea.  Continue to read: PDF-version

Demmink: the case and the various declarations

On 2 April 2007, Hüseyin Baybasin filed his first complaint against mr. J. Demmink, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Justice. The lawyers of Turkish Baybasin had documents showing Demmink was guilty of pedophile sexual contacts with underage boys in Turkey. It also appeared that those documents showed that Demmink as a result of these pedo sexual contacts was  blackmailed by the then Turkish authorities. Demmink, together with the then Prosecutor Hugo Hillenaar, started  a criminal prosecution of Baybasin in the Netherlands. This court case  took place on false grounds with false evidence, including  manipulated wiretaps.

This first report has not led to prosecution. Baybasin was himself not a victim of sexual abuse by Demmink and thus not ‘relevant’, and the remaining evidence of involvement in the Baybasin case by Demmink was found to be too ‘thin’. Neither an appeal against this refusal before the High Court of The Hague has led to prosecution. In the period 2008 – 2010, two Turkish victims of mr. J. Demmink filed a police report with the Dutch public prosecutor. In late August 2011 on behalf of Baybasin, based on significant new evidence a new police report was re-filed against mr. Demmink for (including) perjury, soliciting, forgery, abuse and misconduct.

The declaration can be downloaded here. (Dutch)

Baybasin’s police report of August 31, 2011

The declaration is filed against mr. Demmink, mr. Hillenaar and  NN. NN stands for other persons not yet named, who are (or must have been) an accomplice to Demmink and Hillenaar  in carrying out their crimes.

download the declaration against Demmink of August 2011 (Dutch)

The declaration speaks of  the “Susurluk incident”. This is the car accident that happened on 3 November 1996 in Turkey, near the town of Susurluk. The parties in the crashed car consisted of a senior chief of police, a member of parliament and the criminal Çatli Abdullah, who was wanted by the police, and was leader of the Grey Wolves. The accident, in which a parliamentary inquiry took place, shockingly exposed the links between the then Turkish officials and Turkish criminal underworld.