Interview met Huseyin Baybasin, maart 2019 (interview in English)


Gijzelaar in Nederland

De Brits-Koerdische journaliste Sheri Laizer interviewde de Koerdische activist Huseyin Baybasin een half jaar geleden, in maart 2019.

Baybasin is goed op de hoogte. Hij doet enkele opmerkelijke uitspraken, die ook nu nog van belang zijn. Hij voorspelt min of meer de huidige politieke situatie na de Turkse inval in de Syrische grensstrook. Baybasin analyseert scherp de posities van o.a. Poetin, Erdogan, Trump, de EU en de NAVO. Hij vertelt ook over de achtergronden van zijn arrestatie in 1998, die uiteindelijk leidde tot een levenslange gevangenisstraf, in feite een levenslange gijzeling.

Hieronder enkele fragmenten. Het gehele interview is te lezen op de website van EKurd Daily.

Is de Turkse inval een gevolg van Koerdische PKK-provocaties?

“I don’t believe the PYD can be held accountable for provoking the Turkish state in any way as Turkey has no need of ‘provocation’ and uses such things as an excuse to attack and crush the Kurdish people’s ambitions; Turkey openly imposes genocide on the Kurds since the Treaty of Lausanne.

“Most of us will be questioning why the PYD and the YPG forces are using PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan’s portrait and name. I believe they can use these things in order to coordinate Kurdish people for Kurdistan’s independence. They can also protect and show their respect for him. We all know the PYD has protected other minorities from ISIS in the areas they took over from these barbaric militants. The PYD organised a civilised administration for Turkmens, Christians and Arabs in the areas that came under their control.

Onafhankelijk Koerdistan

” However now is the time for change because we are very clear that Syria, Iran, Iraq and particularly Turkey are not going to recognise Kurdish people’s desire for self determination and this is what the people of Kurdistan need most. The countries that have occupied Kurdistan will act in the same way that they have been doing since 1923 to promote a fascist ideology combined with Islam. In such a manner they are causing harm and destruction at the same time to their own people, including Muslims. We the Kurds must co-operate with the USA, Israel and other civilised nation states and focus on unity and independence.

” I recently saw an interview with French political philosopher, Bernard-Henri Levy, who recently published a book called The Empire and the Five Kings (Turkey, Iran, Russia, China and Sunni Islamism that he designates as a threat to civilisation as American withdraws). I was very pleased to see that at least one prominent political thinker has seen this for the threat it is. He also calls for the independence of Kurdistan as a solution to the existing problems of the Middle East.


“The main policy thrust of Turkey and its leaders has been to use Ottoman ideology so as to gain fundamentalist Islamist support for an Islamic Turkey to become a world power under the Islamic flag. With this objective in their sights they created the Free Syrian Army and directly aided and empowered the rise of ISIS.

“I think Erdoğan aims to make the whole world Muslim and he believes he will go to heaven. Once he got a hold on power he became an ‘Islamist Hitler’ – power changes this kind of person. Anyone who believes religion will change the world has to have a very weak character and is in need of psychiatric help. How can he be a believer and order the murder of others because they are not the followers of his sickening ideology.

“I don’t think Erdoğan has changed his strategy – I think he is part of the wider Muslim Brotherhood and that the revolution was really no Arab ‘Spring’ at all. In Erdoğan’s head the driving vision is that of Islamicisation and there is no real difference when it comes down to it between Erdoğan, ISIS, Al Nusra and others like them. 

“If you tell Erdoğan to clean up the left overs of ISIS it is just like telling Hitler to clean up the left overs of the Nazis.

Tansu Çiller (premier Turkije, 1993-1996)

” The Turkish leaders, past and present, all have the same mind set and believe in Pan -Turkish power, Turkish strength and Islam. They don’t know the difference.

Erdogan meets Tansu Çiller, 2018. Photo Ekurd,

I knew Çiller and her husband Özer very well. She was charged with corruption, but instead of justice being done politics were set above the law and she got to keep her ill gotten wealth. A case was brought by a German court against Tansu Çiller for her involvement in drug trafficking.

“I gave interviews at the time on MED TV, ZDF, Turkish mainstream media and Evrensel, that effectively ran stories on it. Çiller’s government was after every influential Kurdish opponent.

“Tansu Çiller’s husband, Özer Çiller, was working inside the Dutch Consulate in Istanbul to find a way to silence me by fabricating evidence to be used in a court in Holland, which was completely illegal. This is what they succeeded in doing.


VS en EU worden gemanipuleerd en gechanteerd

“Erdoğan has been trying to manipulate the USA. He has also been trying to blackmail the EU over refugee issues, which he is partly responsible for creating in the first place. Erdoğan was the one who organised the Syrian refugee people to move them from the east of Turkey to the Aegean coast to go on to Greece. Then he threatened the EU that he would send more refugees. Erdoğan himself announced it to the public. Europe next gave him six billion euros and with that money he reorganised terror groups, Liwa al-Tawhid, Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-Islam linked with the former al-Nusra Front, ISIS and others. He has organised them under the Free Syrian Army. A great concentration of jihadist groups is still present in Idlib, including the renamed former Nusra Front. Erdogan’s policy is to see the defeated ISIS and other jihadist fighters gather there unharmed to continue their workallegiance from al-Nusra to ISIS. They have been recycled back through Turkey. 


Poetin, Erdogan en de NATO

“A recent meeting was hosted on 14 February 2019 by Putin in Sochi in Russia’s Black Sea region. Putin was reported to have told Erdogan he had “no right to create a “safe zone” inside Syria unless it sought and received the consent of President Bashar al-Assad.

“Putin knows more than anyone how Erdoğan has organised and financed ISIS and sent them across the Turkish border into Syria and Iraq. Erdoğan also bought their petrol to finance them. This is no secret. But the civilised world is not doing anything about it.

“Putin is using Erdoğan to destroy NATO. Well, what are you going to replace it with when you’ve destroyed the existing force established to protect stability in the world?   Are you going to reorganise sick militants from al-Qaeda, ISIS, al-Nusra or whatever their name is and rename them the “Free Syrian Army” or something else to replace NATO’s position? Is that the plan? Maybe it sounds funny, but surely this is the way it is going…

Lees het hele interview op de website van EKurd Daily.