Demmink and the case Baybasin

In late August, the criminal lawyer Adèle van der Plas  of Huseyin Baybasin, filed a motion (police report) against Demmink, for (among others) perjury, solicitation, forgery, abuse and misconduct. In addition, Ms. van der Plas also filed a complaint against Demmink’s right hand assistant,  mr.H.P.M. Hillenaar, then a prosecutor.

Van der Plas has defended Baybasin for many years. Baybasin,  a Kurdish businessman, who is  in a Dutch prison facing a life sentence for drug trafficking, among other crimes. During her lonesome crusade against the injustices that  Baybasin has endured, according to her, she has gathered increasing evidence of the negative role Demmink has played in the affair. She has focused on  the new evidence that she has gathered against Demmink.  A recently released  supplementary report, called “Ek Rapor”, has been written by a Turkish security officer  for the prosecutor at the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Justice, the head of the General Staff and the top of the police in Turkey. According to that report Baybasin is being punished because of his mediating role between the military authorities and the Kurdish political party, and also because he publicly tried to reveal the involvement of senior Turkish government authorities and politicians in the international heroin trade. According to the Turkish report, “the cooperation of the Netherlands could be obtained by blackmailing the senior  Dutch justice official mr. Demmink, by developing a damaging file  in Turkey, with respect to his involvement in sexual abuse of minors.” Van der Plas quotes from an internal Dutch Ministry of Justice memo  that states “that  the Baybasin case was being used as a pressure or leverage to get something done by the  Turkish authorities in another case” and that “mr. Demmink was involved in the decision in this matter.”

Also, Van der Plas collected new evidence on the deep and personal involvement by Demmink, in Baybasin being detained. In her complaint against Demmink and Hillenaar she cites the review request on behalf of Baybasin which was submitted in April this year to the Supreme Court: “The way the so-called evidence against Baybasin was gathered amounts to collusion between the Dutch and the Turkish authorities.The aim was to have Baybasin convicted in the Netherlands for crimes that he never committed.”