The story of Mustafa with some excerpts from his video interview

gepubliceerd op 21 november 2011

This is the story of Mustafa (1982) recorded on video in Turkey in December 2009. Mustafa’s parents were divorced when he was very young. He grew up in Istanbul, mostly on the street. His parents were constantly fighting and life at home exposed him to a great deal of violence, so he walked away from home. When he was 13 years old, he lived among alcoholics, drug addicts and glue sniffers. He lived from theft and from the food that some people gave him.


The policeman Mehmet

A policeman named Mehmet knew the group that Mustafa hung out with. The boys were afraid of him. Some were sometimes mistreated by the police. One day a policeman named Mehmet approached Mustafa.


Policemen in civilian clothes

Mustafa does not respond to Mehmet’s request because he did not believe that Mehmet will really do anything for him.  Suddenly, policemen in plain clothes appear, who use pressure and intimidation to convince him (Mustafa) to speak to policeman Mehmet.


A wealthy businessman

Mehmet reappears and tells Mustafa what the purpose is of the job he must do. During the video interview Mustafa tries to tell that he was abused by this businessman in a hotel in Istanbul. However, Mustafa has great psychological difficulty in describing what happened to him.


Sexual abuse in a hotel

The abuse took place in hotel Akgün  in Istanbul and in the backseat of the chauffeur driven car. Mustafa says he repeatedly tried to commit suicide and that he still has great difficulty with that period in his life.


Silence due to shame

Mustafa says he repeatedly tried to commit suicide and that he still not fully processed that period in his life. He is married but has not told his wife and other people around him about his experiences, due to his feeling of shame.


Threats and mistreatment by police chief

After the journalist Burhan Kazmali was able to find Mustafa and interviewed him about the abuse for which he accuses the Dutch official Joris Demmink, he received threats. The boy says a former chief of police – Mehmet Emin Arslan – had threatened him and had him abused. Arslan is the same person who, together with Demmink, fabricated the illegal criminal investigation against Hüseyin Baybasin. Arslan spoke personally with Mustafa, where Arslan threatened Mustafa with death if he told the journalist Kazmali his story. Mustafa has been severely abused twice in the past year.


Joris Demmink identified

At the end of the video, Mustafa identifies the Dutch Secretary-General of the Ministry of Justice, Joris Demmink, as the person who abused him.